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反向信号传递现象正逐渐受到人们的关注。简言之 ,即可溶性受体或膜表面受体与表达在细胞膜表面的相应配体结合后 ,传递信号至表达配体的细胞内 ,并引发相应的生物学效应。目前 ,对于这一热点的研究多集中于TNF配体超家族成员。Adipogen提供多种TNF配体多聚蛋白,这些蛋白均具有高活性,低内毒素的特点

TNF Ligands Multimeric Proteins

Higher Activity – Lower Endotoxin

AdipoGen® Multimeric Proteins are high activity constructs in which two trimeric TNFSF ligands are linked via the oligomeric collagen domain of ACRP30 [ACRP30headless] and therefore mimic the membrane-bound forms of the proteins.


Endogenous TNF superfamily ligands are either active as membrane- form (e.g. FasL, TRAIL, CD40L, OX40L) or are secreted and activated through oligomerization by the binding of pro-teoglycans at the surface of cells (e.g. APRIL).


To mimic endogenous TNF ligands activity, the oligomerization of recombinant TNF ligands can be triggered:


• by fusing the TNF superfamily ligands, soluble form, to the collagen domain of the protein ACRP30 (which itself has no functional activity) to form a hexameric structure and therefore creating “Multimeric Proteins”, or


• by adding a cross-linking antibody called “TNF Ligands Enhancer” (Prod. No. AG-35B-0001).

MultimericFasL. [MegaFasL.]

FasL (human) (multimeric) (rec.)

AG-40B-0130 10 µg | 3 x 10 µg

MultimericFasL™ very effectively simulates the natural membrane-assisted aggregation of FasL in vivo.

Source:                            HEK 293 cells.

Sequence:                       Human FasL (aa 139-281) is fused at the

                                          N-terminus to mouse ACRP30headless

                                          (aa 18-111) and a FLAG®-tag.

Specificity:                       Binds to human and mouse Fas.

Biological Activity:          Induces apoptosis of human Jurkat

                                          T cells at a concentration of<1ng/ml.

Endotoxin Content:       <0.01EU/μg purified protein (LAL test; Lonza).

LITerature references:  Two adjacent trimeric Fas ligands are required for Fas signaling and formation of a death-inducing signaling complex: N. Holler, et al.; Mol. Cell. Biol. 23, 1428 (2003) • A Fas agonist induces high levels of apoptosis in haematological malignancies: P. Greaney, et al.; Leuk. Res. 30, 415 (2006)


Figure: Oligomerisation of FasL (human) efficiently triggers Jurkat cell death.

Method: Jurkat cells were treated O/N with the indicated concentrations of FasL (human) (multimeric) (rec.) (AG-40B-0130), Fc (human):FasL (human) (rec.) (AG-40B-0132), FasL (human) (rec.) (AG-40B-0001) or FasL (human) (rec.) + Enhancer (AG-44B- 0001) (2 fold-dilutions, first concentration of 1000ng/ml). Cell death was quantified using PMS/MTS. The oligomeric FasL recombinant proteins (FasL (human) (multimeric), Fc (human):FasL (human) and FasL (human) + Enhancer) kill Jurkat cells at IC50 <0.2ng/ml.

See Backcover for more Products!

• MultiPacks for additional big savings !

• Bulk Quantities for in vivo cancer immunotherapy and vaccination studies in mice !


CD40L (human) (multimeric) (rec.)

AG-40B-0010-C010 10 µg | 3 x 10 µg

• MultimericCD40L™ very effectively mimics the natural membrane-assisted aggregation of CD40L. It is the most potent alternative to activate CD40. No enhancer is required.

• MultimericCD40L™ is a potent B cell activator.

LITerature reference: IgG subclass switch capacity is low in switched and in IgM-

only, but high in IgD+IgM+, post-germinal center (CD27+) human B cells: C. Werner-Favre, et al.; Eur. J. Immunol. 31, 243 (2001)


CD 40L (mouse) (multimeric) (rec.)          AG-40B-0020            10 μg | 3 x 10 μg
CD 40L (rat) (multimeric) (rec.)                AG-40B-0107            10 μg | 3 x 10 μg

Bulk available for in vivo studies!

Full Panel of MultimericLigands™

APRIL (human) (multimeric) (rec.)                    AG-40B-0017               10 μg | 3 x 10 μg

APRIL (human) (H98) (multimeric) (rec.)          AG-40B-0088               10 μg | 3 x 10 μg

Same activity as AG-40B-0017. Does not bind proteoglycans.

APRIL (mouse) (multimeric) (rec.)                     AG-40B-0089               10 μg | 3 x 10 μg
APRIL (mouse) (H98) (multimeric) (rec.)           AG-40B-0035               10 μg | 3 x 10 μg
Same activity as AG-40B-0089. Does not bind proteoglycans.
OX40L (mouse) (multimeric) (rec.)                    AG-40B-0029               10 μg
TNF-α (human) (multimeric) (rec.)                    AG-40B-0019               10 μg | 3 x 10 μg
Activates TNF-R1 and TNF-R2!
TNF-α (mouse) (multimeric) (rec.)                     AG-40B-0021               10 μg | 3 x 10 μg
Activates TNF-R1 and TNF-R2!


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